About Us

Who is EVECE?

EVECE is named after two exceptional communicators, Chris and Erin Edwards. Their excellent leadership and collaboration skills paired with an inherent ability to build relationships made these two individuals excellent communicators who excelled in the industry. Our goal at EVECE is to help lead others in their footsteps.

Founded in 2020, EVECE strives to advance the field of communication and entertainment by advancing the skills and opportunities of those entering the field. We focus on developing members’ skills and making valuable connections between industry professionals to help everyone succeed.


EVECE’s mission is to connect seasoned and aspiring communications and entertainment professionals to develop and foster an environment of excellence in the field. We’re designed to promote academic learning and professional achievement for members and partners.



Adam Seidman received a MBA from Elon University where he also completed his undergraduate studies in business. He now works in Investment Operations for a Wealth Management Team in North Carolina. In his free time, Adam enjoys watching basketball and football with his friends and family.


Byron Ross is a senior fans services executive with the Atlanta Falcons. He has experience working in marketing, sales, and customer service industries. When he’s not working, you might find Byron watching Atlanta United, Braves, or other sporting events around Atlanta.


Thomas Pless is from Concord, NC and graduated from Elon University as a part of the Class of 2017. He currently lives in Concord while working in the Logistics department of a company based in Charlotte, NC.


Emily Kennerson is a behavioral therapist working at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta who recently got her masters in Applied Behavior Analysis from Georgia State University. When she’s not helping children with feeding difficulties learn to eat, you can find her watch an Atlanta United game or learning to play a new musical instrument.


Corbin Barrett is the VP of operations at Global Mobile and has been working in the elections space for over 7 years. He is also an Eagle Scout and going for his MBA at Kennesaw State University.


Jamie Angle is a copywriting manager at Nexus Marketing, and has been working in the sphere of marketing and communications for more than four years. In her free time, she loves writing, reading, and hiking.


Ethan Gaskin is a teacher in the Washington, DC area. His passions include Christian discipleship, the humanities, music, fashion, film, Black empowerment, and the improvement of America’s education systems.




Dr. Christopher Edwards


Chris and Erin Edwards were two highly charismatic leaders passionate about sports and broadcast journalism. Their commitment to inclusiveness, both in the workplace and in their personal endeavors, led them to cultivate diverse environments throughout every facet of their lives.

The untimely loss of Chris and Erin Edwards in 2019 left a void in their respective industries. They undoubtedly would have left an impact on their field. We at EVECE seek to continue their missions and improve not only their chosen industries but society as a whole.

In honor and memory of these outstanding members of society, EVECE was founded. The goal and mission of the organization is to instill the strengths and valued qualities of Chris and Erin to members of the journalism industry. Specifically, it’s the goal of the EVECE team to develop leaders in the field of communications and entertainment in order to advance the industry that the family valued so deeply.


> Provide platforms for connecting individuals and supporting networking

> Promote diversity and inclusion within the fields of communications
and entertainment

> Provide the means for our members to be successful in the industry

> Maintain a culture of excellence and the necessary resources to benefit
our members