Educating and Learning

Evece strives to be a vital resource for young professionals to grow and maximize their abilities. That is why it is important that we provide a wide variety of tools and information for our members. Membership provides access to a database of constantly growing educational materials in the form of presentations, documents, videos, etc from both internal and external sources. We believe offering a diverse collection of material across various topics of professional growth can help cultivate young minds who might not have had the opportunity to access that information through other means. Creating brighter futures for young professionals in the communication and entertainment fields requires the sharing of knowledge and advice as much as possible. Evece wants to amplify the opportunities for aspiring professionals to gain the knowledge that will help propel their potential and skills.


EVECE’s mission is to connect seasoned and aspiring communications and entertainment professionals to develop and foster an environment of excellence in the field. We’re designed to promote academic learning and professional achievement for members and partners.